Vogue shorts Spring-Summer 2012: high waist, country, denim. Vogue shorts summer 2011 by famous designers

FashionShorts - a perfect clothes for the hot time. Mode shorts - it's not just a comfortable thing, it also allows you to present a good shape and shapely legs. Stylists love with shorts for a great while time. You successfully combining them with a variety of things in a gerls's locker placement, include them in business suits and romantic images.Fashion trends of a season summer 2013  Alike posts:Mode Sandals, summer bags, figgeryStyle Updates in a photo gallery of clothing for promStyle Fall fashions suit for full figures. . . Читать полностью -->

Vogue Jeans Winter time 2009 - 2010: The holes and scrapes

ModeThis winter season is fashionable to wear jeans with holes and abrasions that cause association with a fashion of punk. Permitted an abundance of decorative patches. They look specifically elegant in combination with a T-shirt-alcoholic.Style designers enjoy great debated a relevance of this trend. However, while it is certainly not going to give up their positions, specifically thanks to brands similar D & G or Disquared2. This winter, that models are offered by practically all comfortably-known international brands.By the way, do these jeans may be in a home, it is to be welcomed. So, my old jeans can easily arrange a second life. Читать полностью -->

Straps: mode shoes, summer 2013

StyleShoes representing the intertwining straps of variant widths, however if your legs are bandaged - one of the hits of the source and summer of 2013.Typically, that models create for a very high platform. The most pop colors are whiteness, sable, browned. But there are unexpected choices, such as celadon.  Same posts:Mode Office Vogue Summer 2012Mode Cute trinketsVogue Summer collection of gerls's clothing great sizes. Part 3. . . Читать полностью -->

Mode handbags spring 2012

VogueGerls's bag - it's an amazing thing. Often in a small elegant handbag placed an arsenal required for us upon the day items. Maybe that's why most of bags in a new style collections differ impressive volumes.  Alike posts:Mode Autumn Vogue: Bags, caps, hats, beretsVogue Vogue trends of source: Female COATMode Men's hats. . . . Читать полностью -->

Versatile and practical bags: mode handbags Spring 2012

VogueWith the past to a new season pass is as well versatile and practical bag. These big bags are convenient its spaciousness. However, it is serious to remember that it is currently a extremely great and more little bag will not enjoy fine popularity. It is good to prefer a bag of medium size. In this bag you can carry anything you wish and keep it in a hands comfortably. Very well, if a bag is a large number of interior compartments and pockets, this will create it more practical.In some collections were seen lacquered bags, but this is not the basic trend of source 2013. Читать полностью -->

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